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Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – Block division

Kuldipsingh Total Concrete N.V. helps to build and pave Suriname.

When designing a home or a business premises, the area around a building is also important. With the building blocks and pavers from Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – block division, a surrounding that pleases everyone can be created.

Production line with possibilities
Kuldipsingh Total Concrete’s Hess RH1500-3 concrete block machine produces building blocks and pavers in no time. In addition, this machine makes various types of decorative paving.

Assortment decorative paving
The assortment decorative paving includes pavers for driveways, parking lots, and gardens. The decorative pavers are available in different colors and thicknesses. Kudipsingh Total Concrete – block division also produces pavers with special surface structures or with a three-color gravel surface.

Durable and easy to maintain
The concrete used for the tiles, sidewalk curbs, edging, v-gutters, cobblestones, culverts and building blocks is durable and easy to maintain. Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – block division’s quality concrete products will withstand sun, rain, wind or any other weather.

Concrete drainage products
In addition to decorative paving, Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – block division has drainage products to keep terrain neat and dry. V-gutters, combined curbs and culverts are made to drain off rain water and to separate streets from sidewalks.

To manufacture culverts, but also septic tank pipes, storm drains and catch basins, Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – block division uses a HESS Variant 2500 concrete block machine. With another concrete block machine, the HESS HS-IV, L-edging, v-gutters, (both with protecting corners and with or without grates), access curbs and parking curbs are produced.

Prefab concrete elements
Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – block division also produces associated prefab elements, such as concrete slabs with or without a manhole, sewer wells and u-gutters. Concrete benches or a concrete patio set can also be produced to embellish the garden. A concrete mast for lighting or aerial cables complete the product range.

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