build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


Shop building materials

Kuldipsingh is the right address for steel products, concrete products and many other building materials of well known brands.

Concrete products

Building bricks, (ornamental) paving, culverts and more.

Roof panels, wall panels and floor panels

Available in the most beautiful colors. Of course at Kuldipsingh's.

Special transport

For special transport and renting-out heavy equipment.

Money exchange

Safe and reliable money exchange.

Aluminium frames, windows and doors

Conservatories, louvers, curtain walls and glass.

Distributor of building materials

The largest distributor of building materials in Suriname.

Ready-made concrete mortar

Concrete mortar of the highest quality is only available at Kuldipsingh.

Pre-stressed concrete

Bridge griders, piles, sheet piles and floor slabs.

Oilfield Services

Executing and delivering services within the energy sector (Oil and Gas).

Civil engineering on land and water

Improving infrastructure: roads, weirs and foundations.

Port for shipload


build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH

Kuldipsingh is the leading supplier of high-quality building materials and building-related services in Suriname. From chainsaw to concrete, roof tiles to ornamental paving, construction beams and glass siding: both the professional builder and the “do-it-selfer” can find everything for quality construction.

And also for road construction, engineering, oil field services, heavy-duty rentals, port services, secure money transports and currency exchange, Kuldipsingh is the right address.











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geld wisselen

In the spotlight

Kuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Tout Lui Faut

Kuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Tout Lui Faut

The Kuldipsingh Group was approached by Stg. Red Su Support, to make a total contribution to the renewal of the toilets of O.S. Tout Lui Faut. The school had to contend with malfunctioning toilet groups. The activities that have been carried out for the restoration of...

Kuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Domburg

Kuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Domburg

The toilets of O.S. Domburg were in very bad condition. Besides the stench, water leaks and bats, the doors had many holes. Stg. Red Su Support approached The Kuldipsingh Group to make a total contribution to the renewal of these toilets. The ceiling has been...

Kuldipsingh Treats Foundation Mijnzorg!

Kuldipsingh Treats Foundation Mijnzorg!

On 14 December 2019 Kuldipsingh turned 40 years and those who celebrate their birthday have to treat others! As part of the “Kuldipsingh Social Support 2020” campaign we want treat the Surinamese society. For this reason, we have chosen to support numerous charities....

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Customer Support & Design medewerker

Kuldipsingh Geveltechniek N.V. heeft zich in de loop der jaren ontwikkeld toteen specialist in geveltechniek. Met een ruime ervaring in het ontwerpen, vervaardigen en monteren van glas- en aluminiumconstructies voor de utiliteit- en woningbouw is...