A Secure and Safe Port Facility for (Inter)national Ships

Kuldipsingh Port Facility

A safe and insured port that is well-prepared to cater to ships engaged in the oil, gas, mining, and wood industries, complete with necessary facilities.

Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. facilitates and promotes global maritime trade with competitive, professional, reliable and efficient port services.

Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. strives to be the best Maritime Terminal and port authority with a safe, fast, efficient and sustainable character.  As the youngest developed port, it strives to provide a competitive position in Suriname.


Kuldipsingh Port Facility (KPF) is a privately owned port, established in June 2015.
The port handles a range of import and export activities.
In recent times the port has increased volumes of oil and gas vessels.

Policy & Certificates
According to International Ships and Port Security (ISPS) Code.
ISO9001:2015. ISO 14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and TRACE Certified.

First Oil & Gas Shorebase of Suriname

Drone view from the Port

The high-level details of the port facility are shown below:

Port information

  • Name of Port: Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V.
  • Terminal Abbreviation: SRKUL
  • From pilot station to berth distance and time: 29.92 miles at 3 hours
  • Total length of berth: 400 meters
  • Average available water depth: Channel dept 5.5 meters. Average Springtide 2.8 meters. Average Neap 2.15 meters. Average depth available at Springtide 7.9 mtrs. Average depth available at Neaptide 7.35 meters
  • Constraint: Suriname river is tidal port with a semi-diurnal
  • Water depth in channel at zero tide: 5.5 meters
  • Draft alongside berth: 5.1 – 6.7 meters at LWS
  • Pilotage: Compulsory 3 hours before high tide vessel can proceed inbound
  • Waiting time at pilot station: With a draft less than 5 mtrs vessel can enter the channel any moment
  • Notification before vessel arrive: 48 hours
  • Restrictions for nationality of vessels: No
  • Port restrictions: Kuldipsingh Port Facility is located about 30 minutes sailing upstream from the main port Jules Sedney (Nieuwe Haven) at Paramaribo. This port is mainly used for loading rounds logs, discharge mining and proprietary cargo, oversized cargo, and services for offshore supply vessels; Kuldipsingh Port Facility is a NAABSA (Not always afloat but safely aground) port measuring 5.1 meters, mid-section 6.0, and south side 6.7 meters in depth during low water.
    For calling this port the vessel will also need to pass underneath the bridge crossing the Suriname River (max. air draft is 41 meter).
    The draft between the channel and the KPF jetty is 5.1 meters at low water – with a UKC of 20 cm as requested by the Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS)

Additional information

  • Deck load capacity: 6,160 sqm of 5 MT and 5,940 sqm of 10 MT
  • Security: 24/7 Security and CCTV surveillance
  • Customes: 24/7 On-site customs supervision
  • Stevedores: 24/7 stevedore services
  • Equipment: Specialized in certified equipment and manpower
  • On-site: office space, Open and covered storage areas

Storage facilities

  • Area: Open storage: 22,180 sqm
  • Covered: Covered storage: 9,000 sqm(25 sections of 210 sqm per section)
  • Shaded: Warehouses: 3,280 sqm
  • Pipe Yard: Secured laydown pipe yard: 80,000 sqm
  • Quayside: Jetty open storage area: 13,700 sqm
  • Deck load: Area storage: 11,995 sqm

    Port services

    • Berth space

    • Loading and unloading of all types of cargo

    • Storage areas for large amounts of general cargo, steel, heavy material, vehicles and containers

    • Stevedore services

    • Ships Agents

    • Dedicated space for offshore Supply Vessels

    • Logistics services

    Other services

    • Bunkers: Fresh water
    • Waste: Garbage disposal
    • Rent: Office and meeting room
    • Customers services: For visa and crew change
    • Medical: First aid unit
    • Mud plant: Liquid: 1 of 30,000 BBL and 1  of 45,000 BBL storage
    • Waste plant: Thermal desorption waste processing plant

    Download the folder for more information

    Vessels handeled 2016 – 2021
    Rev. Tons loaded / discharged 2016 – 2021
    Timeline offshore vessels
    Open storage: 9HA
    Covered storage: 9000 M2 for cement, lime & rice
    Warehouse: 1100 + 750 M2 for general cargo
    Pipe yard: 33.000 M2 and area under development


    CEO – Vinood Ramkhelawan, B BE
    S.W. Churchillweg 221A
    Wanica, Suriname S.Am.
    Tel: (+597) 486625
    Mob: (+597) 8807377


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