World Health Day at Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V.

19 Apr 2024

In the context of World Health Day, which was on April 7 of this year, the HSE-Q team of Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V., in collaboration with the team of Critical Care Consultancy (CCC), organized health-related activities on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

The activities were organized on the premises of Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. and the focus was on physical and mental health. For mental health, the Mind Matters Foundation had been approached to provide information about depression, suicide, dealing with stress at home and at work, conflict on the work floor and for the tools  how to deal with it. The staff were given the opportunity to ask the psychologist questions and hold personal conversations. The Red Cross team was also present to provide information on contingency plans, first aid training and first aid assistance during activities. The opportunity was also presented to motivate staff to become blood donors to further strengthen the blood bank’s database. The staff who registered were immediately given the opportunity to have their blood sample taken for the preliminary examination to determine their suitability as a blood donor. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the dietician has tried to clarify nutritional myths and share information about healthy eating and food preparation. Special attention has been paid to healthy eating in combination with different working hours.

The Critical Care Consultancy (CCC) team made a significant contribution to helping organize the day and provided a team for glucose and blood pressure measurements for the staff. The CCC team also gave a tour of the Mobile Intensive Care Unit and the Medical Emergency Response Unit (MER Unit) founded at Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V., which is focused on providing its services to the Kuldipsingh Staff.

The day was educational and ended with a fun and sporty fitness test devised by the organizing team of Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V.

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