What is that truck mixer full of concrete mortar doing in the schoolyard?

11 Mar 2023


Themes in education are hot! An increasing number of schools in Suriname focus on themes such as “living and building”. Thus, pupils understand the coherence much better while they simultaneously get a look at the practice.

Stg. Kangoeroe Community School (KCS) approached Kuldipsingh for a visit to the school in order to provide the preschoolers with information about the theme of living/building in a fun and understandable way. Kuldipsingh Readymix N.V. responded to this request and visited the school on Friday, February 24, 2023, with a truck mixer.

The students have learned what the function of a truck mixer is, how concrete mortar and bricks are made, and what the contribution of Kuldipsingh is when building a house. For the safety of the students, complete demonstrations with the truck mixer were not done. However, the raw materials required for making concrete mortar were included for demonstration purposes. An explanation was given on how the process of making concrete mortar takes place. The children actively participated and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Kuldipsingh believes that it is extremely important that citizens are provided with the correct information about construction from an early age. That is why we respond to such requests from schools as much as possible. It is remarkable that the children pick up very quickly; one child gets inspired to build a beautiful house in the future, while another child indicates that he/she also wants to be the driver of such a truck mixer when he/she grows up.

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nieuwsWhat is that truck mixer full of concrete mortar doing in the schoolyard?