Orientation visit of Heilbronschool at Kuldipsingh

31 May 2023

On Wednesday, May 24, the mechanical engineering students of the Heilbronschool visited the Kuldipsingh located at Anamoestraat. The purpose of this visit was to gather as much information as possible from the Kuldipsingh staff about various products by means of the presented questionnaire. The students will use this information to make a paper in groups.

Upon arrival, the initial group of approximately 20 students was split into three smaller groups. This was done so that the students had a better view of the products and also to keep their attention. There were 3 Spanish speaking students who were also able to follow it all thanks to one of the Kuldipsingh sales representatives, Anyl Jalimsing, who translated the entire tour for them.

The content of the questions included:

– The distinction between metal and non-metal products as well as the characteristics of both

– The most important tools and materials for mechanical engineering and their application

– How safety in a workplace can be guaranteed

– Examples of hand tools, measuring tools and marking tools and how they work

– Tips on the right attitude and behavior in a workplace

In addition, the students were also given a tour of the warehouse to gain knowledge of the storage areas and which types of products are stored in specific areas.

The students were very proactive, fluent and had sufficient basic knowledge to exchange ideas about what was being explained. Afterwards, the students and supervisors received a snack, drink and present from Kuldipsingh.

We hope to have provided the students with enough information during this tour in order to successfully complete their paper. Furthermore, we wish them the best of luck with their studies and career.


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nieuwsOrientation visit of Heilbronschool at Kuldipsingh