Preschoolers also visit Kuldipsingh!

4 Jul 2023

Kuldipsingh truly believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s future. On Thursday, June 22, 2023, Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh N.V. received a visit from sweet children at Duisburglaan. However, this time it was slightly different; they were toddlers from Phyrell’s Childcare, aged 3-4 years.

In relation to the theme “tools” for the month of June, the childcare center requested to focus on our range of tools. The purpose of this visit was to let the children have a look inside the store and familiarize them with the tools they can easily recognize at home, such as brush cutters, screwdrivers, door locks, saws, lawnmowers, as well as some sanitary products like toilets, faucets, mirrors, and shower faucets.

The group consisted of 6 children who were all very energetic and curious. It surprises us each time that even at such a young age, the children recognize the products and can indicate their purpose. Afterwards, the children received a school bag from Kuldipsingh.

We hope that with this tour, we hope to have educated the toddlers from an early age about the products they encounter at home, and we wish them lots of fun, knowledge, and success in the future.

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nieuwsPreschoolers also visit Kuldipsingh!