The evolution of THe Kuldipsingh Group

The founder: Premnath Kuldipsingh

The beginning

The amazing history of The Kuldipsingh Group starts with its visionary founder, Premnath Kuldipsingh. He was born on December 14, 1923 in Bombay, in the Saramacca district, Suriname, and grew up in the agricultural surroundings with his three brothers. His business career started in the capital, Paramaribo. In addition to his job there, he privately sold auto batteries and razor blades. This was the beginning of the impressive journey that created the wide-ranging and successful Kuldipsingh Group.

Mr. Premnath Kuldipsingh

The dream

Premnath Kuldipsingh also started land development projects on the Kwattaweg and Zorg & Hoop. His enterprising intellect brought new challenges for him and his son, Randjiet Kuldipsingh. In 1967 they began the production of plastic piping by Penta chemical on the Kwattaweg. After different challenges in the plastic pipe factory, he successfully sold it in the 1970’s to focus on his new dream. On December 14, 1979, the trading company Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh opened in a rented building on the Dr. Sophie Redmontstraat. This was the beginning of the impressive growth that would transform Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh into a prominent company in diverse fields. Top quality steel and building materials became part of the product assortment.

Kuldipsingh service center
Kuldipsingh service center

Mr. Randjiet Kuldipsingh

Mr. Switrang Kuldipsingh

Festivities during the opening of the rental property on the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat.

A new chapter

On August 20, 1980, Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh became a public limited company. Then, in December 1982, the first store and office were opened on the corner of the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat and the Celinastraat. Sadly, Premnath Kuldipsingh died on September 4, 1984. His ideas and dreams, however, lived on in the determination of his son Randjiet Kuldipsingh. He continued to lead the company successfully, even during the economically difficult times in Suriname in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

In december 1982 Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh opened the first store and office.

The first store and office of Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh on the corner of the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat and the Celinastraat

New generation and expansion

In the late 1990’s grandson Switrang Kuldipsingh brought new energy into the company. Together with his father Randijet, Switrang pushed The Kuldipsingh Group to new heights. Around the year 2000, they expanded their activities in both production and services. More companies were opened to achieve these aims. Investments were made in machines to produce roof panels. They also entered the wall siding market with alucobond, and began building aluminum windows, doors and window frames.
The transportation fleet was expanded with heavy material for Kuldipsingh’s own use and rentals. Other existing companies were taken over and expanded, particularly in the concrete industry.
The company also started drilling exploration wells for the oil industry and projects in road and utilities construction. Then they built their own port to improve the import and export of merchandise, equipment and raw materials.

The development of the company still goes on, supported by the ambition and vision of the leaders. This continued growth aims to provide the absolute best for our customers.

From plastic pipes to
industrial diversification:
The Kuldipsingh legacy

This short history shows the impressive journey started by Premnath Kuldipsingh. His determination and vision lead the way to the impressive growth and diversification of The Kuldipsingh Group. This development is the legacy of the founder, and stands as an example for the future. It lives on in the third generation, as The Kuldipsingh Group continues to innovate and grow. This progress is, as always, strongly focused on excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.

The history of Kuldipsingh