Students NOS/Ad-Fontes School Visit the Kuldipsingh Port Facility!

14 Jul 2023

The NOS/Ad-Fontes school community approached Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. (KPF) to participate in their activity week by giving a tour of the Kuldipsingh harbour. In the so-called week, the learning process is offered to the students in an alternative form, aiming to bring society into the school.

On Thursday, June 1, and Friday, June 2, 2023, the third year students had a tour of Kuldipsingh Port Facility. The theme of that week was “Creativity & Innovation in economically challenging times”. The various activities of KPF were also highlighted through a presentation. Afterwards, the students received a Kuldipsingh cap as a reminder of their visit to our company.

After this visit, the students were assigned to make a report/presentation of what they had observed. In addition to that, they are meant to analyze how the company, KPF, actually implements the relevant concept (Creativity & Innovation in economically difficult times).

We hope that the students have enjoyed the practical experience and that we have succeeded in sparking their interest in developing an affinity for port facilities in the future. Furthermore, we wish them a lot of success in this school year.

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nieuwsStudents NOS/Ad-Fontes School Visit the Kuldipsingh Port Facility!