Rebar / Reinforcement steel

Reinforcement steel is used to strengthen and hold concrete in compression. Concrete is a material that is very strong under compression, but relatively weak in tension.

Buying rebar is, in many cases, cheaper than ready-made reinforced concrete, especially when you order it from Kuldipsingh in Suriname.

Why buy reinforcing bars from the specialist in Suriname?

Buying rebar from Kuldipsingh in Suriname helps to strengthen your concrete. Reinforcement is needed because concrete is strong under compression, but hasalmost no tensile strength. Because tensile forces almost inevitably occur in a building and other structures, it is important to reinforce concrete. That alone is a good reason to buy rebar at Kuldipsingh in Suriname.

In addition, the rebar that you buy from us is of excellent quality, just like all our other steel and concrete products. This not only guarantees a good result, but, above all, safety.


What does rebar look like?

In 99% of cases, steel bars or mesh of steel wires are used for reinforcement. The bars or mesh are placed at a minimum distance from the outside of the concrete and inside the framework to prevent damage to the structural work.

Make your choice from various types of rebar and easily place your order

Are you looking for rebar? Then we will be happy to help you. At Kuldipsingh in Suriname you can buy reinforcing bars in various shapes and sizes. View the options in our webshop, where the current prices are also listed. You can also contact us for more information or request a quote. This can be done via our contact form or by calling one of our branches:

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Martin Luther Kingweg 291, Wanica: (+597) 37 24 18

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