build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


Kuldipsingh with its four branches is the largest commercial iron and steel company in Surinam.

Kuldipsingh delivers to both contractors and individuals. Our articles are available in all different sizes from stock.

Construction beams are delivered in the required lengths and cut to size utilizing our modern sawing-machine. Steel products not included in our normal supply programme can be imported upon request.

The enormous 270 metres long branch in the ‘Martin Luther Kingweg’ not only contains steel and iron merchandise but literally everything relating to building material that Kuldipsingh has to offer. Everything under one roof for your convenience.


Button plate, Tear drop plate, T-steel, Flat sheet steel or strip, Blackened piping, Steam tubing, Ship plating, Construction piping, Galvanised steel plates, Angle steel bars, Steel plates, Concrete iron, HEA/IPE/UNP-construction beams, Construction steel, Mesh furniture tubes.

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