Concrete mortar

Before you buy concrete mortar, you may want to know what its components are. Here we will tell you all about it.

Perfect mix

Sand, gravel, cement and water are the basic ingredients of concrete mortar. Kuldipsingh Readymix N.V. combines these ingredients to provide a perfect mix, which you can order online or in our shops. If necessary, we add chemicals to establish optimal properties.

Buy good quality concrete mortar

The concrete mixes are created in our laboratory. To guarantee a constant quality, we perform checks every day. Our sophisticated computer program produces a very accurate and constant compound. This guarantees the best quality and the most suitable concrete mortar for every situation.

Of course you can also order reinforcing steel, concrete mortar and ready-to-use concrete from us.

Contact us for additional services

After purchasing, perfect transportation is required to deliver the concrete mortar. Our specialized concrete mixer and concrete pump trucks, ensure that the mortar will arrive at the construction site quickly.
You can contact us for transport and other services. We will also be happy to send a quote for all services. Contact us by our contact form or by calling one of our branches:

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