Hollow and solid building blocks

Concrete building blocks are available in different sizes. The blocks are easy to use and suitable for various constructions. Using the high productive brick machine Hess RH1500-3, Kuldipsingh produces building stones in a snap.

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The building blocks made by us can be hollow or solid.

The hollow building blocks have two important advantages. The first advantage is that they are lightweight, the second one is their thermal insulating effect. This makes the hollow brick an energy-efficient and environmental friendly building material.

The solid building blocks are heavier, but have a load-bearing function. These are mainly used for load-bearing walls. This ensures a sturdy building construction with the right building materials.

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When you want to order building blocks you will, of course, want to know what costs are involvedin advance. Request a quote or view our webshop with current prices. Do you have other questions or do you want to order products other than building blocks, such as a construction pipes? We will also be happy to assist you. Send an e-mail to info@kuldipsingh.net, fill in our contact form or call one of our offices:

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