Longest steel tubes ever transported

On behalf of Ballast Nedam Suriname, Kuldipsingh Equipment NV has transported 300 steel tubes for Staatsolie REP within three weeks.

Before the transport could take place, the tubes were first unloaded from a boat. With a 100-ton crane the tubes were hoisted on the quay. After this, a 120 ton crane neatly stacked the tubes so they were ready for transport. Within 48 hours the unloading was safely completed.

The tubes had a considerable length, 40 meters, and weighed nearly 8 tons each. A difficult job to unload and transport.

During the transport of the tubes, hinder to other traffic on the road was kept to a minimum because we transported the tubes only at night (weekdays). With 5 tractors, extendable trailers, 2 escort cars, 1 service car and 4 motorbikes from the Surveillance Department, the total length of the convoy was 320 meters long at each run.

Longest steel tubes ever unloaded and transported