Joint venture with Daco Heavy Lift

Five Wartsila generators recently had to be transported from Moengo to Surgold. This was a complex procedure where extensive support was necessary.

Co-operation with Daco Heavy Lift
As a result, Kuldipsingh co-operated with Daco Heavy Lift, as sub-contractor, to complete this enormous job. Kuldipsingh’s prior experience with Daco has always been positive, and together they have successfully completed several projects.

Clear division of tasks
Each company had a different assignment. Daco was responsible for the technical implementation of the project. Kuldipsingh, the main contractor, co-ordinated the entire project.

A real challange
Daco used two Prime Movers and a Goldhofer 12 line axle hydraulic trailer to transport the generators over the hilly Patamacca Road from Moengo to Surgold. This road is a challenge for even an ordinary trailer, let alone for five Wartsila generators weighing 140 tons each! This was an exceptional challenge for both Daco and Kuldipsingh.

A fly-over was built
In order to cross the three bridges by Surgold, Daco built a fly-over to reinforce them. The generators crossed without problems. Building the fly-over was an excellent and essential decision, which kept the three bridges intact. After a two-day trip, the generators arrived in Surgold.

Inch by inch
After arriving, each 140 ton Wartsila generator was slowly (inch by inch!) and carefully placed and positioned on the foundation by a special Jack and Sliding system.

Kuldipsingh Equipment NV co-ordinated the project, provided assistance and ensured that the entire transport was conducted safely and in accordance with all required regulations. To do this, the company did the following:

Kuldipsingh N.V.:

  • requested, in writing, official permission from the Department of Public Works;
  • ensured that the transport was correctly escorted and assisted by the police, the army and the EBS (Energy Bedrijven Suriname);
  • organized meals and lodging in Moengo
    was responsible for logistics around the transport;
  • transported, relocated and assembled supporting materials directly involved with this unique transport.

Kuldipsingh Equipment NV is proud to be the first company in Suriname to co-ordinate such a large transportation project together with Daco Heavy Lift. The co-operation, co-ordination and implementation were successful! 

Joint Venture with Daco Heavy Lift