Oil Spill Clean Up & Response Training

7 Jul 2021

On 21 June 2021, a selected team of Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. participated in the theoretical training called “Oil Spill Clean Up & Response Training”.

Afterwards, the practical part started on 30 June 2021, in collaboration with the National Coastguard Suriname (SCG).

During this training, representatives of the Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS), the National Coordination Center for Windows Control (NCCR) as well as the Coast Guard Suriname were also present as observers.

For the training, an oil spill response container with all necessary equipment was used, and the Kuldipsingh Boat as well as the Coast Guard boat were trained to deploy the oil containment boom on the Suriname River.

For the simulation on the Suriname River, there was also made use of a Kuldipsingh barge that represented a ship along the quay and a coupling pontoon that represented a bunker ship. The training was intended to be prepared for an oil spill into water during bunkering activities of a ship. In this context, the oil spill containment tree is well applicable, so that the spread is prevented, and trained personnel can then easily clean up the oil spill with adequate material.

In the first phase of the training, it was therefore practiced how quickly the trained team can deploy the oil containment boom around the barge and coupling pontoon.

In the following phases, efforts will also be made in collaboration with the actors to simulate a small spill on the Suriname River.

It is extremely important to be preventive when an oil spill could occur on the Suriname River to be able to respond more quickly.

As a certified company of the environmental standard ISO 14001, Kuldipsingh Port Facility N.V. also takes its responsibility towards the marine environment and aquatic life and tries to make its personnel environmentally aware through this training.

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