Kuldipsingh Treats Eben Haëzer!

Despite the limitations of the Covid-19, we will continue to implement the project “Kuldipsingh Social Support 2020”.

This time the foundation Eben Haëzer was supported by means of the renovation of toilets, the installation of an outdoor tap where children can wash their hands and feet after playing, and the building has been painted.

Furthermore, the children’s bedroom and the living room are now cooler due to the installation of ceiling fans. Their bags are also neatly stored in the newly placed lockers and they can enjoy a nice blackboard that gives their creativity an extra boost.

"Words are not enough to express our special gratitude to the company Kuldipsingh N.V. for its generous Social Support 2020 at the foundation Eben Haëzer. We are simply amazed by the look of building, which is completely painted on the inside and outside, the renovated kitchen, toilets, and fans. Your support regarding the creation of a safe place for the children is indescribable. As a company you are an example to all of us in Suriname. "

 ~ Orvea Cooman ~ Chairman Eben Haëzer (Suriname)

As far as the Covid-19 measures allow us, we will continue to support social institutions through the project “Kuldipsingh Social Support 2020”. So, keep an eye on our newsletters and stay safe!

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