Kuldipsingh gives away hundreds of Stics

Every child likes to make things, to glue things together. Therefore Bolton Adhesives and Kuldipsingh (distributor for Bison) started the Bison School Project for kindergartens in the Wanica district.

Several Kuldipsingh staff members gave out these handy Stics in 15 schools. You can glue all sorts of materials with them. They are easy to use and  have a special screw top to prevent drying-out. The glue can also be washed out with cold water. This is very child-friendly, so ideal for young children.

Many children recognized the name Kuldipsingh and even knew that Kuldipsingh sold building products. These kindergarten children - as young as they are - also could also say that Bison Kit is glue. 

Because building makes people hungry and thirsty, Kuldipsingh also gave each child a snack and juice. Healthy food makes strong builders!

The glowing faces said it all. We at Kuldipsingh and Bolton Adhesives wish these children, the future of our country, much building and gluing pleasure!