STIHL training for Stizona students

In 2015 Kuldipsingh successfully organized a STIHL training course for Stizona students. As a result, the foundation asked us to again organize a training for a new group of students studying garden maintenance.

Stizona is a secondary school for special education. It provides practical education in subjects like gardening, wood-working and technical services for students from 15 to 19 years old.

The STIHL training took place in March 2017, and was offered to 18 students (from classes 1 to 4). The course emphasized the basic maintenance and the safe use of various STIHL machines, particularly the mowers.

Second-year student Vyreen Soebhag said, “The STIHL course was very interesting and I would really like to have a training period by Kuldipsingh to learn more. I have especially learned how to handle a machine and to first inspect an area before beginning to mow. I am looking forward to taking part in the following training from Kuldipsingh.”

Of the 18 students 9 successfully completed the training course and received certificates. In addition, all 18 students received a package from Kuldipsingh.

We at Kuldipsingh are very pleased with the successful STIHL training and will continue to work together with the Stizona Foundation.