Protecting marketplace Domburg

Kuldipsingh is busy working on the shore of the market in Domburg.

Construction of reinforcements to the river shoreline and high-water protection there has been commissioned by the government, to combat erosion and land loss caused by waves on the river. 

In the last 10 years spring tides (at high tide) with high waves have resulted in higher water levels and flooding.  This flooding has often made the land impassable.

Kuldipsingh’s task is to build a stable and lasting reinforcement of the shoreline to protect the area from high water. The work will begin with cleaning up the location, followed by building a new, steel retaining wall with concrete decks (horizontal concrete beams which cover the top of the retaining wall).  Other measures will be taken to prevent erosion, and the land behind the wall will be supplemented and reinforced with more ground (land reclamation).

In addition, Kuldipsingh will restore the historical stone stairs and new jetties will be built.  These activities are all part of the modernization of the Domburg market.