New Drill for Kuldipsingh

Unique for the Caribbean area is the brand new Schramm TXD drill which Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services has purchased.

What makes these American drills special is their directional drilling systems. This means they can drill not only vertically, as in most cases, but also diagonally and horizontally. 

With its patented Tele-mast design, the TXD is mounted on a completely mobile trailer. This rig can be quickly set up and be in operation within hours of arrival at a drilling site. The small ecological footprint of the trailer also considerably reduces its environmental impact.

The new drill also has a LoadSafe pipe handling system.  LoadSafe is designed to safely lift pipes and drill rods from a horizontal position into alignment with the tilting top head on the drilling rig. 

To work safely and efficiently with this drilling installation, 4 Kuldipsingh employees (driller, mechanic, rig supervisor and maintenance supervisor) have taken an intensive, 10 day training course.

Kuldipsingh Equipement has already safely transported the drill, including all related machines. This took place with a MSD (police) escort.

At this time the machines are on location by Staatsolie at Saramacca, where drilling will begin.

The drilling rig will mainly be used for drilling oil for Staatsolie.