Kuldipsingh is now active offshore

Since October the Kuldipsingh harbor has been the center of supply and waste disposal activities for a Tullow Oil drilling platform off the coast of Suriname.

This is the result of an agreement between Ramps Logistics from Trinidad, which manages all the logistics between the harbor and the drilling platform, and Kuldipsingh. 

All the drilling platform’s supplies and waste are loaded on or unloaded from the supply ships with Kuldipsingh equipment. Both dry and wet waste are unloaded, transported further and processed. Household waste is brought to the garbage disposal site in Ornamibo, while other dry waste is put in waste skids or containers and temporarily stored in our waste storage area. Kuldipsingh has a separate storage area for wet waste, so that in case of leakage nothing can reach the soil or the surface water. 

Of course all personnel must follow guidelines, and procedures for each load are carefully planned with everyone involved. Representatives from Ramps Logistics, Tullow Oil and Kuldipsingh’s Safety Service (HSE-Q ) strictly monitor all activities. Kuldipsingh’s highest priority is that no accidents occur and no waste is spilled.