Kuldipsingh Exports to Guyana

Kuldipsingh goes over the border again! Concrete (coupling) piles have been exported to Guyana, and we are proud of it!

The client in Guyana is SOL GUYANA INC.  After a tour of Kuldipsingh’s companies, SOL GUYANA was so impressed they signed a contract for an immediate collaboration.  SOL GUYANA INC will use the piles for the foundation of a storage tank.

The commission consisted of several steps.  First, the production of the prestressed concrete (coupling) piles.  Second, the piles’ transportation to Guyana.  Third, unloading the piles in the harbor in Guyana. Kuldipsingh Port Facility was the base for all the activities.

As often happens, several Kuldipsingh companies were involved in this project.  The concrete piles were produced by Kuldipsingh Total Concrete.  The production started on 17 June, and the piles were also stored on the terrain at Kuldipsingh Total Concrete.  The concrete for the piles came from Kuldipsingh Readymix, and the steel was delivered by Handelmaatschappij Kuldipsingh.  The loading and stripping of the piles was done by Kuldipsingh Equipment.

Both coupling piles and normal piles were produced for this project:
• 89 coupling piles with a total length of 20 meters, with the lower piles measuring 12 meters and the upper piles 8 meters.
• 60 normal piles with a length of 8 meters, with 4 metal bars (length 1 meter, diameter 32mm) protruding from the side of each pile.

The piles were loaded into the ship in the harbor of Kuldipsingh Port Facility, and on August the 3rd the ship left for Guyana.