Kuldipsingh Treats Foundation Mijnzorg!

27 Jan 2020

On 14 December 2019 Kuldipsingh turned 40 years and those who celebrate their birthday have to treat others! As part of the “Kuldipsingh Social Support 2020” campaign we want treat the Surinamese society. For this reason, we have chosen to support numerous charities.

Therefore, Kuldipsingh donated products, such as a refrigerator, microwave, printer, computers, beds, mattresses, and much more to “Foundation Mijnzorg”. The children will definitely make great use of these products.

“The foundation Mijnzorg has been around for almost 10 years and acquired many donations; small and large ones. Each donation is greatly appreciated, because they serve a purpose for our children. However, the donation from Kuldipsingh is, unlike others, entirely according to the wishes and needs of the charity. Yes, we got all that we needed and asked for. Thanks a lot, Kuldipsingh!” – Selita van Dams (chairman foundation Mijnzorg)

The contribution to “Stichting Mijnzorg” is one of the six projects that Kuldipsingh has carried out this year as part of the “Kuldipsingh Social Support 2020” campaign.

Keep an eye on our newsletters for more information regarding the 5 remaining charities!



nieuwsKuldipsingh Treats Foundation Mijnzorg!