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Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – Prefab division

The prefab-division Kuldipsingh Total Concrete is specialized in producing prestressed and prefabricated concrete

Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – prefab division is specialized in producing prestressed and prefabricated concrete elements. These elements are produced in standard sizes. Other sizes can be made, upon request.

Pre-tensioning principle
Manufacturing the concrete elements is done according to the pre-tensioning principle. For this Kludipsingh Total Concrete – prefab division uses long formwork. In this process tendons or strands, which are anchored in a strong foundation, are stretched. The concrete is then cast into the formwork.

Very long concrete elements
The advantage of this method is that very long concrete elements can be made. These are particularly suited for the production of piles. Other concrete elements, like bridge girders and floor slabs, can also be produced quickly and accurately by this method. 

At this moment Kuldipsingh Total Concrete – prefab division works with:

• the TL formwork
• the 300 x 300 pile formwork
• the 350 x 350 pile formwork
• the 400 x 400 pile formwork
• the 450 x 450 pile formwork


We strive to always deliver the highest possible quality and service.
That is why we opt for an ISO certification.

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