Kuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Domburg

17 Feb 2021

The toilets of O.S. Domburg were in very bad condition. Besides the stench, water leaks and bats, the doors had many holes. Stg. Red Su Support approached The Kuldipsingh Group to make a total contribution to the renewal of these toilets.

The ceiling has been completely renovated with beautiful lighting, the toilet bowls have been replaced, new doors have been installed, the leakage problems have been solved, the taps have been repaired and a nice paint job was given to the walls of the toilets.

Besides the boys and girls from O.S. Domburg, the teachers are also happy to make use of the clean toilets when the school starts again, which are entirely donated by The Kuldipsingh Group.

We wish all the children from Suriname lots of success with this school year.

This toilet project is also part of the Kuldipsingh Social Support plan.

Keep an eye on our news items for more updates. And stay safe!


nieuwsKuldipsingh Renews Toilets of O.S. Domburg