focus on executing and delivering services
in the energy sector (oil and gas)

Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services

Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services, for the execution and delivery of services within the energy sector.

Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services N.V. is mainly concerned with providing services and deliveries in the energy industry (oil and gas). The services this company provides and delivers are very diverse. From drilling and finishing oil wells, and maintenance and cleaning of producing oil wells to the sales of (drilling) materials and parts. Oilfield Services also introduces new, innovative techniques.

Quality and training
Through working with joint ventures, every effort is made to improve the quality of the company and increase know-how. Training local people for specialized work is an important part of company policy. Safety and high-quality are the two most important priorities at Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services. 

Safe working environment
The goal is to create a safe working environment, for both our own employees and for third parties. This is done by continuous improvement, not only in quality and safety, but also in the field of environment. Working together, Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services and its partners can offer a wide range of services for the oil and gas industry in Suriname. These efforts result in an expansion of production in underdeveloped areas.

Innovative company
As an innovative company, Oilfield Services also introduces new techniques. If a job requires (heavy) equipment, or an industrial or maritime transport, the company can arrange that as well. Naturally, the (transport) equipment is operated by qualified personnel. To realize this, Oilfield Services works closely with the other Kuldipsingh companies.
Construction and civil engineering, infrastructure management, technical assistance and port facilities such as storage and handling are core activities of Oilfield Services as well.

Certificates and security documents
Safety and quality are two of the most important spearheads of Kuldipsingh. These aspects are indispensable for working with gas and oil. That is why the company continuously improves in the areas of quality, safety and the environment. Kuldipsingh sees the creation of a safe working environment for both its employees and those of third parties as one of its core competencies. In order to guarantee these competences, Kuldipsingh is in the possession of the following documents and certificates:

  • QMS Manual v 1.1
  • External Audit report v 0.1
  • Quality Policy v 1.1.

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