Stone has been an important building material for centuries and this has not changed.

Kuldipsingh quarry
Kuldipsingh also sees rock as an important building material and, therefore, owns a quarry. This quarry is located near the Suriname River, approximately 60 km south of Paramaribo. This is a good geological location with excellent quality stone formation.

Raw materials for the concrete and asphalt industry
Kuldipsingh operates various stone crushers and rock screens to process the stones into ready-made raw materials for the concrete and asphalt industry. But Kuldipsingh can also supply end products, such as base course for roads and split stone and loose-fill surfacing for walking paths and small roads. The company’s selection also includes stone blocks and dike stones for bank and shore protection.

Transport by water
All raw materials and building materials are transported on waterways by the company’s own pontoons.

The quarry marks another contribution by Kuldipsingh to improving the infrastructure and enhancing the developments in Suriname.

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