Civil engineering: fly-overs, bridges

Large concrete structures are an important part in concrete constructions. Think of the construction of fly-overs, bridges and tunnels.

Kuldipsingh has been certified for making high-quality concrete for years and has built up a lot of experience.

We deliver customization in civil concrete construction

Thanks to our extensive experience with prefab concrete elements (including piles and sheet piles), we have a lot of know-how. This enables us to independently realize large concrete works: from mixing concrete and taking care of transport in Suriname up to and including the pouring of the concrete. This is also the reason for us to offer our knowledge and experience on a larger scale. For example, we can build roads for you too.

Knowledge and craftsmanship in civil concrete construction

We have the knowledge, experience and craftsmanship in the field of civil concrete construction to deliver large-scale projects successfully. The ISO certification for making concrete, in combination with our proven craftsmanship, has made us a reliable partner in civil concrete construction for many years.

Discover our services in civil concrete construction

Would you like to make use of our services in civil concrete construction? Please contact us by phone at (+597) 45 75 19. Are you unable to call us? Send an e-mail to or fill out the contact form on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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