build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


build it, fix it – think KULDIPSINGH


Renting-out heavy equipment

Originally set up to support the logistics of the Kuldipsingh subsiduaries. In Surinam, there appeared to be a large requirement for transporting heavy equipment by qualified personnel.

Therefore, the logistical services were quickly place at the disposal of third parties. The result: a quick and successful growth with a continuous increase in services.

Kuldipsingh Equipment N.V. focuses on renting-out heavy equipment such as cranes, trucks and trailers, including driver or operator.

Kuldipsingh Equipment N.V.’s fleet of vehicles consist of various vehicles such as CAT loaders, CAT dozers, CAT Material Handlers, CAT skid steer loaders, CAT excavators, (fork) lift trucks, trucks, trailers, aerial lifts, cranes, flatbed trucks and drop-deck trailers.


We attempt to provide high quality and service. That’s why we choose ISO certification..



Transports and exceptional transports

Longest steel tubes ever unloaded and transported

Transport of a hugh crane to the harbour

Joint Venture with Daco Heavy Lift

Kuldipsingh EquipmentRenting-out heavy equipment