Cookies & privacy

Kuldipsingh uses cookies and identifiers to read data. These are usually small text files which the website places on your computer, cell phone or tablet to be consulted by the website. We use these cookies for two reasons.

  1.  To help the website function well.  For example, they are used to save the data you filled in on a form.
  2.  To collect statistics about the use of the website.  These figures show how the website is used by visitors.  For example, how many people visit the website and popular keywords.  Kuldipsingh uses this information to improve the website’s usability, to better serve the needs of the visitors.

Kuldipsingh can not trace this data to a personal computer or an individual. The identifiers do not collect personal information through the cookies and does not use the information collected for any other purposes than what is described above. 

Refuse cookies

The cookies we use ensure that you can use the website easily. The information collected by the cookies is important for us to improve the quality of the website. We appreciate, therefore, that you allow us to use cookies. If, nevertheless, you do not want Kuldipsingh to place cookies on your computer? You can change the settings on your browser so that cookies will be refused. However, parts of the website, for example links to forms, may then not function well. How you disable or refuse cookies depends upon your browser.


Download here our privacystatement.

Cookies & privacy