Civil engineering: jetties, dikes, quay protection

Are you looking for an experienced company that can do civil engineering of jetties, dikes and river banks for you? Then Kuldipsingh is your ideal partner!

Civil engineering is a job that must be carried out carefully and with precision. We have the right knowledge and experience to manage this properly.

Proper execution of civil engineering is essential

Water transport is of great importance in Suriname. That is why the construction and maintenance of ports and quays, in addition to protecting riverbanks, is crucial. When carrying out civil engineering on a site, dike or river bank, the surface must be prepared for construction. We can carry out these engineering works responsibly with our own manpower and equipment. 

Protecting riverbanks and realizing flood defenses

Ports provide good access to Suriname by water. If ships can reach those ports more easily, it is good for the prosperity of the country. In addition, it is important that the beautiful river banks will remain beautiful in the future as well. For example, we can realize flood defenses and replenish sand to protect the land and the banks against the high water during the rainy season.

Use our expertise in civil engineering

We will be happy to help you with civil engineering. Contact us by calling (+597) 45 75 19 and take advantage of our service.

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