Bison and Dyka Provide Training to the Kuldipsingh Sales Team

21 Feb 2023


Kuldipsingh always strives to optimize not only the sales processes, but also the knowledge of its sales team. Kuldipsingh gives substance to this through, among other things, the various on-the-job training courses for the sales team. One of these training sessions was held on Saturday, January 28, 2023. During this training, representatives Stefan Uitterhoeve from Bison and Peter Rijmers from Dyka, our top suppliers, discussed both theoretical aspects and practical examples with the sales team. This resulted in guidelines with a view to the versatile areas of application of the Bison adhesives and sealants and Dyka PVC pipes for indoor sewers.

What distinguished this training from informative training sessions is the practical aspect (hands-on training). The participants consisted of new employees (juniors) as well as employees who have been part of the sales team for a longer period (seniors). It is common for training sessions to be based on the interaction between trainers and participants. However, during this training there was also interaction between the participants. The role play part was initiated, in which, in an improvised situation by the trainers, the participants were allowed to imitate the role of the customer. This was an exercise for the participants to learn what information should be both requested and provided during a conversation with the customer. It is essential to first carefully check which job the customer is going to perform so that the right product is recommended.

The theory provided by Peter Rijmers (Dyka) related to solid (glue) connections in the indoor sewer system, the watertight ”welding” of PVC pipes and fittings. The participants were very impressed by the logic behind the word welding with PVC pipes, where there is an interesting chemical process involved. The glue exerts a chemical reaction on the smallest substances of a PVC pipe, making screw and sliding couplings possible. In addition, other facts and misconceptions have been discussed, both from the perspectives of the seller as well as the customer. As usual, the Kuldipsingh sales team was given the opportunity to share their own experiences and to ask questions in the form of hypotheses.

The participants experienced the training as intensive, but very instructive and interactive. At the end of the training, each of them received a certificate from both Bison and Dyka.

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nieuwsBison and Dyka Provide Training to the Kuldipsingh Sales Team