Bison and Dyka Provide Training to Kuldipsingh Sales Team Again

30 Jan 2024

Kuldipsingh believes that the success of the organization rests on the shoulders of its talented and skilled employees. For this reason, the company will always continue to invest in the knowledge and expertise of its staff. Representatives of two of our top brands, Stefan Uitterhoeve (Bison) and Peter Rijmers (Dyka), recently visited our company again. The purpose of this visit was to train the new staff on the various products we have in our assortment from these brands.

The training took place on Saturday, January 20, in the training room of our new Kuldipsingh store in Commewijne. A total of 29 employees successfully completed this training. Afterward, each participant received a certificate from Bison and Dyka. The training, as usual, consisted of both theoretical and practical components.

During the theoretical part, the use of various Bison adhesives and sealants on different materials was covered. Each product comes with its own set of instructions, and it is crucial to follow them to ensure proper functionality. It is also important for the sales representatives to convey this information to the customers and explain the potential consequences if a product is not used correctly. The practical part involved interaction between the trainer and participants, as well as participants taking on the roles of both customer and seller.

Finally, the sales team at Kuldipsingh had the opportunity to share their own experiences and ask questions about daily occurrences in the sale of Bison and Dyka products. We are confident that through this training, we have once again contributed to the knowledge and expertise of our staff, aiming to serve our customers in the best possible way.

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nieuwsBison and Dyka Provide Training to Kuldipsingh Sales Team Again