Roof panels and wall panels

Metal panels are ideal for the building trade; easy to assemble, durable and low maintenance. Therefore, Kuldipsingh manufactures various sorts of roof, wall and floor paneling.

For professionals and individuals

At Kuldipsingh we manufacture various types of wall and roof panels of optimum quality. The various roof panels and other roofing materials that you can buy from us are also not only suitable for professional companies, but also for individuals who want to place the roof panels on their property in Suriname themselves.

Buy all kinds of colors and varieties of roof panels from the specialist in Suriname

The roof panels are available in aluzinc and are available in different colours, lengths and thicknesses. With roof panels, the look of real roof tiles is easily created without having to buy real roofing material in the form of roof tiles.

The trapezium panels are extremely suitable for a modern look. The corrugated sheets from our range are a very suitable solution for simple, but high-quality and fast roofing. These roof panels are not only durable, but also easy to install. That is why it is an excellent idea to buy roof panels or any other type of roofing material from one of our shops in Suriname.


In addition to its own production, Kuldipsingh also supplies COLORBOND® roof and wall panels. These are finished with a durable lacquer that resists peeling, chipping and cracking to ensure a long life. The material is waterproof and rust resistant and has proven itself in the harsh Australian climate for 45 years. COLORBOND® roof and wall panels not only look good, but are also very durable.

COLORBOND® is high-quality and durable roofing material

These plates are finished with a durable lacquer that resists peeling, chipping and cracking. This guarantees a long life. The material is waterproof, rust resistant and has proven itself in the harsh Australian climate for decades. COLORBOND® roof and wall sheets look good and are also very durable.

Colorbond roof panels and other roofing materials can be purchased in many varieties at the Kuldipsingh shops in Suriname.

As a trading company, we always strive to deliver the highest possible quality and service, so that you always achieve the best end result with our building materials.

Be well informed before you buy roof panels

You can buy many different types of roofing material at the various Kuldipsingh shops in Suriname, such as high quality roof panels. We will be happy to advise you for the best roofing material for your situation, including the right tools for your job. So please contact us by emailing or by filling in the contact form. Our shops in Suriname can also be reached by telephone for all your questions about buying roof panels:

Dr. S. Redmondstraat 195, Paramaribo: (+597) 47 40 87

Anamoestraat 2367, Paramaribo: (+597) 55 12 04

Duisburglaan 37, Paramaribo: (+597) 49 98 70

Martin Luther Kingweg 291, Wanica: (+597) 37 24 18

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