Decorative paving

The first impression of any property, house or building is determined by the paving around it. Kuldipsingh’s paving can create any effect you desire.

Our tiles are very sustainable and easy to maintain. The tiles are available in various colors and can be used for both sidewalks as well as for decorative paving.

Buy ornamental pavement for the finishing touch to your home or business premises in Suriname

You can buy different types of ornamental paving, garden tiles and other paving from us for your project in Suriname. For example, concrete clinkers are very suitable for hardening your driveway. They provide the strength needed to bear the weight of a car, look good, are easy to maintain and quickly installed. Concrete clinkers, or one of the other garden tiles that you can buy from us, are also very suitable for parking spaces, road construction around business premises in Suriname, as well as ornamental paving for gardens.

We offer, among other things, the following paving:

  • Garden tiles (various sizes and top layer structures)
  • Paving bricks (rectangle, square, clover, I-profile, bishop’s hat and triangle (various sizes)
  • Stone edging
  • Curb stones
  • V-gutters
  • Sidewalk gullies

Order your decorative paving easily

View our range of decorative paving in our range and easily order your favorite. Do you have questions about our ornamental paving and the possibilities to easily buy your tiles or other paving at one of our branches in Suriname? Our employees can give you expert advice and will be happy to think along with you. Send an email to or call one of the offices below if you would like to know more about our products and services:

Dr. S. Redmondstraat 195, Paramaribo: (+597) 47 40 87

Anamoestraat 2367, Paramaribo: (+597) 55 12 04

Duisburglaan 37, Paramaribo: (+597) 49 98 70

Martin Luther Kingweg 291, Wanica: (+597) 37 24 18

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